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Magdalena @ Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010

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Malgosia Bela by Liz Collins for Vogue UK July 2000

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all i want to do is cry and lay in bed all day. 


the new color photography

Sally Eauclaire 編 Abbeville Press 1981年

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ART: Digital Artefacts by Bart Hess

A body plunges into the liquid; a crust of wax crystallizes around its curves and folds, growing architectural forms, layer by layer.

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rad as fuck

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Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan took some extreme close ups of various animals’ eyes, and the results are stunning.

Using a macro lens, Suren reveals intricate textures and a myriad of colors in the eyes of everything from guinea pigs to amazonian pythons.

Stunning Macro Photos of Animals’ Eyes

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American Ballet Theatre Principal Dancer, James Whiteside. Photographed by Daniel Moss for Gayletter.

James is literally my favorite. And such a sweetie. 

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